Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Use the Carts You Have Challenge

I'm challenging myself to use every Cricut cartridge that I own. I have around 100 carts so I'll try to post 2 projects a week and by the end of the year I'll have used each one at least once! Everyone is welcome to join me in the Use the Carts You Have Challenge.

The first project will be posted this weekend.

Merry Christmas everyone!


jennyplace2 said...

Oh this sounds like fun, I only have around 60 cartridges, but there are so many I have not even opened. Count me in!!!

just2ducky said...

Oh man!!! I don't think I can fathom attempting this... You brave woman. What an adventure! I will look forward to seeing this! Merry Christmas :)

Christine said...

I love this idea; I've been thinking much the same thing, but I have only about half as many carts. Ooh, that means I only need to do one project per week. Even I should be able to manage that?!?!?!!! Merry Christmas!